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Sulaymaniyah Duct Factory (SDF)

Sulaymaniyah Duct Factory (SDF) is the first fully automated factory in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq which provides air duct solutions (design, manufacturing, installation) to various projects, including residential, industrial, commercial, and businesses.
Sulaymaniyah Duct Factory was founded in 2020. Proudly and thanks to its amazing staff and engineers, SDF has made big achievements in a very short period of time and implemented major projects in different sectors and cities across Iraq.

SDF Focuses On Delivering High Quality Products


We Give Top Production From Every Angle

SDF focuses on delivering high quality products to its customers with many other free services .


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SDF focuses on delivering high quality

Why SDF?

SDF’s capacity in production and quality is not negotiable. We use the latest technologies supported by the fully-automated and most sophisticated machines which guarantee a fast and high-quality production at an affordable cost..


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You will never regret with SDF, you will be surprised by quick responses, valuable advice, and high-quality products. Will stay work with them.
Syamand Hama Ali
One of the best manufacturers that I have worked with. I depend on SDF for all my projects and they always delight me with on-time production, high quality products, amazing services.
Jamal Hama Ameen


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